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How the NBA is Changing the Face of Fashion

Off the court, the NBA's biggest stars are looked to as more than just athletes, but instead fashion moguls. We take a look at NBA fashion, which athletes are driving trends forward and what products to invest in.
How the NBA is Changing the Face of Fashion | EDITED

What the NBA’s biggest stars wear on their walk into the arena has become a highly anticipated moment leading up to the game. We take a look at how basketball, on and off the court, has influenced trends and highlight which players you should keep an eye on.

The NBA and fashion industry are connected, and we’re not talking about our love for celebrity outfits on the courtside. In this report, we look at which athletes are driving trends forward and what products to invest in. 

Enjoy our quick guide to NBA product analysis, and get in touch here to see EDITED in action for your category.

From the Court to the Catwalk

Basketball jerseys

Though only a couple of products introduced into the market this time last year, that number has nearly quadrupled for Fall 2019. The average price of jerseys has climbed from $175 last year to $360 this year thanks to high-priced options at Farfetch and Supreme. For Spring 2020, we’ve seen over-the-top logos, color blocking, sporty striping and perforated fabrics. To adopt this style, keep pricing low and stick to solid colors with minimal branding or embellishments for a less fashion-forward option.

Longline Shorts

There’s been a steady 14% uptick in the investment of basketball shorts within the luxury market. The average full price grew nearly 40% up to $448 indicating the trend’s continued demand. This trend holds massive commercial appeal and sits well with athleisure stories. For a low-risk investment, keep colors core and styling minimal. Small logos/branding and side stripes work great here. Look to cotton and jersey fabrics for a sportier aesthetic. Smarter fabrics, large logos, all over prints and neutral shades are also perfect for this long-length trend. 

Graphic Hoodies

A strong back in athleisure and street-style has led to a rise in hoodies within the luxury market. Arrivals are already up 21% YoY and streetwear labels have accounted for the majority of products landing. Low price points and traditional jersey fabrics are a recipe for success for first time investors. Consider refreshing your assortments with bold colors, branding and of-the-moment licenses.

For a full analysis on NBA approved trends, log in to your EDITED account to read the report here.

Players to Watch

From established fashion figures to those recently making a name for themselves, NBA players are looked to for trends by both consumers and brands. 


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