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EDITIONS NY: The current and future state of Activewear

Last month’s EDITIONS NY brought together experts from Barneys New York, J. Crew, ADAY and PUMA to discuss where the lucrative activewear market and the enduring athleisure trend is headed next. Here are some of our favorite video highlights from the evening.

Our transatlantic speaker series returned to New York last month, where we continued to question where the lucrative activewear market and enduring athleisure trend is headed next.

Just like our London September panel, we turned it over to the experts for some candid insights and an evening of in-depth exploration on the future of activewear. And who better to learn from than this east coast, all-star line up: Donna Martin (PUMA’s Director of Global Merchandising) Claire Elliott (J. Crew’s Senior Merchant), Morgan Richardson (Barneys New York’s Senior Buyer) and Nina Faulhaber (ADAY’s Co-Founder), with discussions lead by Chantal Fernandez of Business of Fashion.

If you missed it, here are some of our favorite moments captured just for you. And hey, if you think you’d like to be at the next EDITIONS there’s no reason you shouldn’t be. To get a spot, sign up to our Insider Briefing list and we’ll keep you posted on future EDITED events.

Morgan Richardson, Senior Executive Buyer at Barneys New York, on what her team looks for when buying activewear:


Claire Elliott, Senior Merchant at J. Crew, on offsetting tight margins and high minimum orders:


Nina Faulhaber, Co-Founder of ADAY, on the pressure to constantly offer newness:


Donna Martin, Director of Merchandising at PUMA, on staying agile and responsive to customer needs:


Claire, on the challenges of entering a saturated activewear market now:


Donna, on addressing the plus size consumer:


Thanks again to all our speakers and everyone who came out and listened, asked questions and had a drink with us after. For those of you in London, EDITIONS is back in town on November 30, so look out for an invite in your inbox.