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The 4 cutest greetings from global retailers

EDITD pick the four cutest seasonal email newsletters and homepage updates from global apparel retailers. Abandoning the sales banners, instead opting for animals.
The 4 cutest greetings from global retailers | EDITED
  • EDITD Bonobos Newsletter 4th December 2013

It’s the time of year when the last bids go out, luring consumers to purchase in time for Christmas delivery. Some retailers send out email newsletters screaming of last minute product sales, with their vivid red banners and large price tags. Others pull together outfit edits, drawing on consumers last-minute plans concerns. And there’s even a few who are ready to push their pre-Spring collections.

But there’s a special place in our mushy, festive hearts for the retailers who skip all that, and opt for a heap of cute instead. At this time of year, our Visual Merchandising software is a great way of tracking global retailers’ communications and festive strategies. But we also like to use it to spot the most adorable campaigns, the ones that make you feel the festive tingle.

This year our awards go to Bonobos, Jigsaw, Hermes and Lululemon for including animals in their campaigns rather than dull sales banners. Who could resist Jigsaw’s jumper-wearing French Bulldog? Here, the dog may just be for Christmas, but the brand’s tone is for life.