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6 regal trends to build a Bridgerton inspired range

Find out how to modernize 19th century high society wardrobe as influenced by Netflix' new series Bridgerton.
6 regal trends to build a Bridgerton inspired range | EDITED

Netflix has done it again with another hit bingeable series where high-society meets Gossip Girl. Viewers are escaping their pandemic worries and dreaming about a more lavish lifestyle involving ballgowns and accessories.

Despite its setting in 19th century London, the risqué new series from Netflix highlights a number of investment-worthy trends for retailers upcoming assortments.

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Why it caught consumers’ attention

It fuses traditional and contemporary

The Netflix series saw 63 million viewers tune in to watch over the festive period, introducing a story set in 1813 that follows the social lives of the upper class in London. Despite its traditional aesthetic, a soundtrack of classically played pop music by artists including Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish was a clever touch.

Bygone eras fulfill a demand for nostalgia

Much like the foray into Dark Academia, escapism is rearing its head again as consumers look to immerse themselves even further back in time, exploring the Regency era.

Period dramas will continue for 2021

While season two of Bridgerton is speculated, eager viewers have a number of upcoming dramas to enjoy including The Great (based on Catherine The Great) and the 25th anniversary of the Jane Austen film Emma.

Pastels vs. brights

The contrasting color palettes of the Bridgerton and Featherington family help express their differing approaches in winning the attention and approval of the high society and aristocracy. The former saw a calm, refined palette of pastels and blush tones, characterized by a powdery hue of “Bridgerton blue.” This subtle aesthetic was identified as a key commercial trend to emerge from the Spring 2021 runway shows, with variety in application offering retailers free reign for their own ranges.

The Featheringtons’ scheme of vivid citrus, fuchsia and violet hues was used as a mechanism to draw the eye, a technique employed within influential Spring 2021 collections including Miu Miu and MSGM. For the modern maiden, translate such shades onto simple, contemporary shapes like shirts and day dresses, reserving tones of lime and orange for edgier forays into athleisure.

Spring 2021 runway

Feminine trims

While the ongoing pandemic has propelled a number of trends to success including loungewear, outdoor gear and activewear, the presence of apparel that features overtly feminine details and luxurious trims offers consumers some escape from practicality. Aligning with stories of vintage femme and maximalism retailers will already have an interest in floral embroidery and light embellishment for Spring 2021, details that hold the versatility to span from childrenswear through to mid and mature assortments. Statement trims like jewels, broaches and feathers are riskier to incorporate in low or mid price garments without appearing tacky – these should be reserved for premium products and used with discretion.

Spring 2021 runway

Natural beauty

Emphasizing the youthfulness of the young women entering society, the show follows the influence of fashion houses Chanel and Hermès in paring down beauty looks. A flushed cheek and bitten lip is used throughout for principal character Daphne Bridgerton, imitating the more simple beauty looks of consumers as they continue to experience limited face-to-face contact.

Hair is a focal point, reconstructing traditionally elaborate updos that incorporate ringlets, jewelry and loose, face framing tendrils. Drawing attention to the neck is another important aspect of the aesthetic, something bridal retailers may wish to consider when styling dresses with elaborate necklines.

Modest silhouettes

Silhouettes in the period drama are floor-sweeping and see little flesh bared. For modestwear assortments, take note of elements like the midi A-line skirts and empire-waist shapes as classic direction.

Hair accessories

Divert inspiration from the series into assortments for younger consumers with age-appropriate floral hair clips and bows as worn by eighth child Hyacinth Bridgerton.


A debutante in corset opened the series, adding further weight to a shape pushed for Spring 2021, as we see the shapewear market grow in influence.

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